Monday, October 5, 2009

Industrial Robots: Advantages and Disadvantages

Industrial Robots have been developed over time and are still being refined every day. Robots such as these can be found in the car manufacturing industry, the computer manufacturing industry and even in the medical industry. Advantages and disadvantages of this technology are listed below. Please comment based on your thoughts about Industrial Robots.

  • Drastically improve quality
  • Dramatically increase rate of production
  • Creates a virtually human-free environment
  • Cost efficient technology reduces the number of workers needed at a facility
  • Eliminates operator error through carefully crafted scripts
  • Robots are an expensive initial cost
  • Lack of planning can result in major set backs
  • Employees will require additional training and experience before working with the robots
  • Creates a very dangerous environment if humans are present
  • Can only do what it is instructed to do; nothing more, nothing less

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